1. 3rd international halal Conference & Expo - 2014
  2. PAMCO observes Anti Dengue Day as announced by Govt. Punjab on 3rd –November-2013
  3. 8th Expo Pakistan Karachi-Report
  4. Certified Food Safety & Halal Professional Course, Held at Shalimar Hall, Faletti's Hotel Lahore on 27th April, 2013
  5. Plant Distribution Cermony at BARI, Chakwal
  6. JAKIM, Malaysia & JMIUM, Mansoora's Halal Auditors visit LMPC
  7. UAE auditors visit Lahore Meat Processing Complex
  8. Incentive Distribution ceremony (SAVE the CALF)
  9. Farms inspection under "Save the Calf" program
  10. PAMCO participates in “IRAN FAIR 2012” from May 31 to June 02, 2012
  11. PAMCO’s E-tagging system
  12. Deputy Governor, Faris, Iran visits LMPC
  13. PAMCO's Horticulture Department Conducts Training of Farmers
  14. Saudi Food & Drug Authority visits LMPC
  15. Irani Delegation visits to Lahore Meat Processing Complex
  16. PAMCO to upgrade Mina, Makkah slaughter house
  17. International Green Week, Berlin-Germany,Exhibition
  18. 2nd International Halal Conference & Exhibition
  19. Save The Calf
  20. Inauguration of LMPC
  21. UAF 2nd Expo
  22. Ground Breaking Cermany of LMPC