PAMCO to upgrade Mina, Makkah slaughter house

19/02/2012--Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company names to update Mina slaughter house and set up new slaughtering units in Saudi Arabia, a successful meeting was held in Makah between Umm Al-Qura University and PAMCO delegates here on Saturday. Mina slaughter house up gradation is honor for us and we will execute it with religious zeal, CEO PAMCO Dr Hamid Jalil

Reportedly, a five member PAMCO delegation briefed to Mina Slaughter house representatives including Professor Dr Ibrahim H.A. Rahim and Professor Dr Atif Asghar about latest methods used in animal slaughtering, by products industry and practices in Lahore Meat Processing Complex established in Lahore. Saudi delegates requested to PAMCO to assist Saudi for upgrading Mina slaughter house and to establish new slaughtering units in Saudi Arabia. It was agreed that Saudi will visit LMPC next month and will sign agreement. Head of Department Professor Dr Atif Asghar stated that every year more than one million pilgrims do sacrifices their animals on Haj occasion but due to manual slaughtering pace of slaughtering is slow; he requested that PAMCO should share his experience with Mina slaughtering team.

While talking to delegation, Dr Hamid Jalil said that it is an honor for Pakistani to work for hajjis and we will execute this project with religious zeal. We have prepared killing box according to Islamic code of slaughtering first time and we have trained human resources for further projects he added. First meeting regarding this project was held on PAMCO stall in Halal Conference Riadh, Saudi Arabia, second meeting was scheduled in Makah and third meeting will be held in Lahore for sign job agreement.

CEO PAMCO briefs Saudi deligation about slaughtering methods

Mina slaughter representatives take keen interest in LMPC