Press Coverage

  1. 2nd Day Halal Conference

  2. Halal Conference- Press Coverage

  3. Halal Conference-Curtain Raiser 2 Press Coverage

  4. Halal Conference-Curtain Raiser Press Coverage

  5. Inaugural Session of Halal Conference and Expo - 2014

  6. 3rd International Halal Conference & Expo - 2014

  7. Govt. decides to enhance livestock potential

  8. Board of Director meeting of PAMCO

  9. 865 KG unhygienic meat captured from different areas of city has burnt at LMPC

  10. 550 KG unhygienic and dead animals meat burnt at LMPC

  11. Olive, Seedless Citrus and Seedless Grapes Nurseries-Press Coverage

  12. Kitchen Gardening Training at Railway Station Lahore

  13. Kitchen Gardening Training Media Coverage

  14. Kitchen Gardening Program media coverage

  15. Mumtaz Khan Manais has been appointed new CEO PAMCO

  16. PAMCO celebrates Anti-Dengue day on 27th July, 2013.

  17. Save the Calf & Feedlot Fattening Incentive distribution ceremony-Press Coverage

  18. Certified Food Safety & Halal Professional Course

  19. Plant distribution cermony, media coverage

  20. Column about PAMCO activities

  21. Horticulture projects news coverage

  22. PHDC press coverage

  23. Media Coverage of Jinnah Islamia College visit to LMPC

  24. Media coverage of GCU & Queen Marry College visit to LMPC

  25. Media coverage of Veterinary Officer's Training Workshop