"Developing each District's own agro-economy"

1. Developing Halal meat value chain
2. Developing Potohar as Olive production zone
3. Developing Leyyah & Bhakkar as new Citrus cone
4. Developing Cholistan as Grapes Valley & animal disease free zone
5. Developing peri-urban vegetable production zones & kitchen gardening through private entrepreneurs


1. Engaging itself to enhance quality production, processing, value addition, marketing & supply chain of meat, livestock, agriculture products & by-products for local & export markets
2. Engaging itself to establish compliance regime & certification system at all levels of value chains of meat, livestock & agriculture
3. Providing trainings & technical backstopping at all stages of the integrated meat & agriculture value chains

PAMCO has planned to implement new initiatives keeping in view the following guiding principles;
1. Knowledge management
2. Resource mobilization
3. Private sector led development

Accordingly efforts have been made to collaborate with national & international research institutes to manage the knowledge for effective planning, implementation and monitoring of the interventions. Similarly, existing field resources of public & private sector would be mobilized to achieve the objectives. The emphasis has been made to motivate, facilitate and incentivize the private sector to invest in the planned fields of interventions. The major investment is envisaged by the private sector for the earlier economic growth and sustainability of initiatives.